Work & Career

Table of contents

Post-degree destinations

Graduation from the ConREM degree course equips you with the requisite skills and understanding enabling you to assume

  • operative and strategic management positions in the Engineering Services Sector (e.g. a consulting engineer),
  • the areas of Project Engineering and Project Management,
  • Facility Management or
  • Real Estate Engineering and Management.

You acquire and develop knowledge, skills and a methodological understanding of

  • A structured approach to challenges and the practical application of scientific methods
  • An understanding of economic principles and management methods
  • Academic expertise
  • Human Resources Management
  • Leadership skills in a business environment

Knowledge plus practical experience

With an excellent general knowledge of the Real Estate life-cycle and experience from hands-on study projects, you are equipped to assume responsibility in a broad spectrum of working areas without the need for any additional in-house training. You are prepared for a wide variety of positions, ranging from Portfolio and Asset Management in multinational firms to the management of international construction projects. You can also go on to work as a freelance consultant or project manager.