Work & Career

Successful graduates of the ConREM programme are in great demand, as they can respond to the increasing need for interdisciplinary competencies in the building industry. Some of them are oriented towards asset or property management or return to architectural offices or engineering professions with valuable management proficiency.  Additionally, with accreditation as a Master’s degree programme by ACQUIN (Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute), many of the ConREM graduates successfully pursue PhD opportunities later on as well.

Therefore, ConREM graduates are deeply appreciated members of the building industry, not only in Finland or Germany but also worldwide, as they are not only succeeding within team projects but simultaneously possess the skills to work and propose cutting-edge solutions independently.

Occupational outlook – positions held by ConREM alumni

  • Project Manager
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Project Quantity Surveyor
  • Sustainability Sepcialist
  • Development Engineer 
  • Schedules & Design Manager
  • Research Associate
  • BIM Manager and BIM Consultant