Studying ConREM

Table of contents

Combination of two disciplines

Formerly entirely separate disciplines, architecture and civil engineering are now viewed as unitary processes involving the planning, financing, construction, operation and conservation of buildings and other edifices. Experts in only one of these fields soon become lost amidst the multiplicity of duties involved in such projects. To meet this new requirement, two renowned universities of applied sciences, HTW Berlin and Metropolia UAS, Helsinki have produced this Master’s programme to bridge the gap between the disciplines of architecture, design and building.

Preparation for complex international projects

The Master’s degree "Construction and Real Estate Management" (ConREM) is distinguished by the high standards of teaching and expertise provided by the lecturers from both institutions and our range of outside experts. Taking an international approach, its focus introduces its students to a world far beyond the borders of Germany and Finland. Indeed, its main target area is Eastern Europe, in which the Metropolia UAS, Helsinki maintains close connections with a range of institutions, especially in the Baltic states. This focus makes ConREM a modern and future-oriented postgraduate course for professionals from both the field of architecture and construction engineering.

ConREM: expertise, up to date and practical

Building on the student’s knowledge acquired in their first degree, the Master’s degree ConREM imparts state-of-the-art knowledge taught in hands-on fashion focussing on managing international projects for building construction and real estate. With modules covering real estate technology, renovation, construction or investment planning, the programme also focuses on a range of intercultural and communication skills. ConREM represents a truly well-rounded programme for students fascinated by a constantly changing and therefore highly appealing field of activity.