Studying ConREM

Internationality on the top level

ConREM is an English-taught joint Master’s degree programme, which is conducted in cooperation with the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Metropolia UAS) in Helsinki, Finland, and the HTW Berlin, Germany. This means one common admissions policy, one curriculum, one year in Helsinki, one year in Berlin, and one joint degree. This joint constellation makes the ConREM programme outstanding among other international Master’s study programmes, as the home of studies is not one but two European countries. Next to the diverse study locations, the international experience in intercultural courses and teams, in which 40 students represent up to 25 nationalities, prepares our ConREM students to successfully collaborate within the building industry on an international level.

Gaining interdisciplinarity knowledge throughout the whole building industry

Based on the students’ prior academic knowledge and professional experiences, the programme primarily focuses on expanding the students’ expertise into a global understanding of the whole building industry. Therefore, the first-year ConREM modules provide basic insights into diverse technical areas within the construction and real estate industry, meanwhile, the second-year management and communication classes provide the platform to systematically learn how to merge these different fields. As a result, ConREM graduates can successfully understand and manage complex technical, social, and financial relationships within the building industry, including aspects of building economics, law, and sustainability.

ConREM stands for professional competence, personal responsibility, and independence

Due to the high number of worldwide applicants, the selected ConREM students bring a great level of personal motivation to their studies. They are committed and enjoy project work in intercultural teams, meantime fluently communicating with English proficiency. Simultaneously they are self-motivated and self-disciplined, and thus can also deal with the qualitative expectations of individual project assignments. As a result of their outstanding personal and professional competencies, successful graduates of the ConREM programme are in great demand, as they can respond to the increasing need for interdisciplinary skills in the real estate management field. Therefore, many of the ConREM graduates successfully pursue high-level engineering management positions or even further PhD opportunities later on.