Selection procedure

All applicants who have submitted their application documents in-time as well as meeting with the entry requirements (i.e. positive document evaluation), will go through a selection procedure to be admitted in the study programme. Admission to the ConREM programme is based on the following criteria:

  • Grade point average of the first higher education degree (60%)
  • Professional experience (30%)
  • Exposition (10%)

For further information about the selection procedure, please see the Eligibility and Admission Regulations of the ConREM programme.

The result of the selection procedure (e.g. admission or refusal to the ConREM programme) will be published at every case within the Online Application System of HTW Berlin. The result of the selection procedure will be available around February, in the form of receiving a letter of acceptance/refusal (in a .pdf form) on the HTW Berlin online application portal. For further information about the notice of admission or refusal, please visit the official HTW Berlin Website, 'Admission or refusal' section.