ConREM student status

Due to Finnish National Law, during the enrollment process, ConREM students with more than two years of work experience, thus obtaining a joint master’s degree from the Metropolia UAS and the HTW Berlin, will be registered at the Metropolia UAS, as Degree students, thus possessing the study right for the entire ConREM programme. 

On the contrary, ConREM students with less than two years of post-Bachelor work experience will be registered at the Metropolia UAS as "Exchange students". These students will obtain a HTW Berlin in cooperation with Metropolia UAS degree at the end of their ConREM studies. These students will be registered at the Metropolia UAS only for the 1. and 2. semesters. Consequently, your study right at Metropolia will expire in the end of 2nd semester and your student benefits (e.g. student health care, longer residence permit in Finland) are limited in comparison to joint-degree students.

These different student statuses at the Metropolia UAS are really important, as it influences the terms of applying for the Finnish residence permit, accommodation in Helsinki, application for Erasmus+ scholarship as well as the type of the received degree.

From the HTW Berlin side, the student status is equal for all ConREM student, independently of the previous working experience. It means that, all ConREM students are registered at the HTW Berlin as “normal” degree students through the whole ConREM study programme (4 semesters).

Please note, as you will possess a student status, you are eligible to use a lot of additional services in Helsinki as well as in Berlin. These services include sport classes, language classes or student canteens, organized and operated by other Helsinki and Berlin universities!