Thesis and Final Oral Examination

NEW!!! - ConREM Colloqium 2021

Due to the Corona pandemic, ConREM Colloquiums will be conducted in an online format in the year 2021. Students should agree upon an appointment for their online Colloquium with their two supervisors and chairperson (see Official permission) individually. If the date is set between the student and the supervisors, the student will be informed about the Colloquium by the Faculty Administration in the form of receiving an Official Invitation by e-mail. 

Official invitation for the Colloquium will be ONLY sent to the student, if:

  • All ConREM modules are passed (obtained 90 credit points), and
  • Master Thesis is graded passed - no appointment will be set before grading!

During the online colloquiums, at least one member of Metropolia UAS and one member of HTW Berlin has to be present. For more information about the colloquium, please see here.

Within the ConREM programme, a special, three semester long module is included for preparing and writing the Master`s Thesis. This Master`s Thesis module starts in the 2. semester and finishes in the 4. semester. At the end of the 4. semester the Final Oral Examination takes place, where the students defend their Master`s Thesis within an oral presentation. 

For the successful submission of the Master`s Thesis and for adequately passing the Final Oral Examination, all information can be found under the “DOWNLOAD” section (see below). If you still have specific questions about the administrative procedure of the Master`s Thesis or of the Final Oral Examination, please see the FAQ - Studying section or contact with the Faculty Administration (Mr. Frank Stoll).


Information about the Master`s Thesis procedure

Formulas to gain the Official permission:

Template for the Master`s Thesis:

Information about the Final Oral Examination