Programme content

The course of study

The ConREM programme takes place between two locations (Helsinki and Berlin) and regularly include a 4 semester long study period. The programme regularly only can be started in Helsinki (1. and 2. Semester) and be finished in Berlin (3. and 4. Semester).

The ConREM programme has a mandatory modular structure, that equally allocates different self-contained units (modules) between the two locations. Each module is provided at only one of the two universities and is consequently depended on the study location. For the successful completion of the ConREM programme, each module in both locations must be completed, by passing a module examination. Therefore studying in both locations is mandatory.

Within the 4 semester long study period, a special, three semester long module is also included for preparing and writing the Master`s Thesis. This Master`s Thesis module starts in the 2. semester and finishes in the 4. semester. The last, must-be completed module of the ConREM programme is the actual defence of the Master's Thesis (Final Oral Examination).