Finishing the ConREM studies

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Final Certification of the ConREM studies

After the student has successfully passed the Final Oral Examination, the final grades will be sent to the Examinations Office in order to process the information and print the final documents. The day of the Final Oral Examination will be the de-registration day from the ConREM studies.

The president of HTW Berlin, the head of Examination Board and the Dean of the faculty will sign the final documents. At that case, if the student has already proved two years of relevant working experience prior to the start of the study programme, the final documents will also contain the signature of the president, dean as well as the seal of Metropolia UAS. In order to collect all the required signatures, the final certification process can take up 6 to 8 weeks.

Once all signatures and seals have been obtained, the student will receive an email to the HTW Berlin email address that informs the student, the final certificates are ready for collection. The student has the choice of

  • picking up the final certificates in person from the Examinations Office on the Treskowallee Campus, Berlin or
  • authorising somebody to pick up the certificates by issuing a declaration of authorisation to the Examinations Office, or
  • receiving the final certificates via registered mail with return receipt to the home address subject to payment of the delivery fee. At this case, the student should update the postal address in the LSF.

For further information, please see here. If you have further question regarding the Final Certification please contact with the HTW Berlin Examination Office. 


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