Detailed admission requirements

Table of contents

First academic degree

A successfully completed first academic degree in a construction-related programme such as Construction Engineering or Architecture qualifies you to apply for ConREM. A Bachelor’s degree in "Facility Management" and in individual cases “Immobilienwirtschaft” (Real Estate Management) taught at HTW Berlin are also considered suitable. Construction-related professional experience only, is not considered sufficient.

Applying during the last year of obtaining the first academic degree: Applicants, who are in their last year of obtaining their first academic degree, have the possibility to apply with a current performance overview, an average grade, as well as the submission of a graduation forecast. The first academic degree can then be submitted after the application deadline, until the end of the upcoming summer semester. 

Command of the English Language

A sufficient level of English fluency and understanding, both written and oral, is essential. For this proof, at least C1 level certificates of the following recognised language tests can be used. In the case of the IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC English language exams, the certification should not be older than two years old.

Evidence of language aptitude is not required of applicants whose mother tongue is English. However, in all other instances, at least C1 level English language certification is required. These instances include High-school or Degree-level study instructed exclusively in English as well.

If you still have a specific question about the mandatory C1 language certification, please visit the relevant section of the FAQ - Applying.

Employment certificate

If you can provide a proof of more than two years of professional experience after receiving your first academic degree, you will be awarded a joint German-Finnish degree title. The more than two years of professional experience must be fulfilled and proved by a certificate latest till the end of the application period.  For proving more than two years of professional experience, a letter from the employer should be handed in during the application procedure. This letter must contain information on the duration of your employment, the type and scope of your activity, and the average daily or weekly working hours. 

If you do not hand in a sufficient proof of professional experience, you will be only awarded a traditional German degree title from the HTW Berlin. Therefore, you can still apply to the ConREM Master's study programme, without two years of professional working experience (you will be awarded with a German degree title at this case). Although, then you will study at Metropolia UAS as an exchange student with limited student benefits and fixed study term.

Please note, once the application period is closed, the type of your received-to-be degree title cannot be changed. 

Further information about the difference between a joint German-Finnish degree title or traditional German degree title can be seen here.


You are required to write an essay of at least two pages on the content and purpose of academic research and the purpose of academic assignments at Master's level at universities of applied science covering the following the questions:

  • What could be the subject of such academic/methodological work?
  • What could be the aim of the academic assignment?
  • What kind of scientific methods are used in Master's study programmes and what is there purpose?

To sum up, you are required to describe the nature and possible scope of an academic thesis at Master´s level in general terms:

  • the subject,
  • methodology used,
  • possible/hypothetical results and
  • the structure (title, chapters, volume) of the presented work.

Please explain your experience and expectations regarding scientific methods and the role of science in a Master's programme.