Costs of the ConREM programme

Table of contents

Released Finnish tuition fee

ConREM is a German-Finnish joint degree programme. In Finland from 2017 on, non-EU/EEA students considered as degree students have to pay a tuition fee for their study programme in accordance with national law. However, for ConREM-students an exception applies and via scholarships all ConREM-students are entirely released from paying tuition fee to Metropolia UAS. At the case of successful enrollment, new joint degree student will automatically receive the tuition fee wavier document from the Metropolia UAS. 

Semester fee

Nevertheless, all ConREM students are still required to pay the semester fee in every study semester to HTW Berlin`s account. All ConREM students are obliged to pay the full amount of semester fee (around 300 euro per semester) for the HTW Berlin at EVERY semester, thus ensuring their right to study at the HTW Berlin as well as at the Metropolia UAS simultaneously. If you do not pay the amount of the semester fee by the stipulated deadline, you will normally be deregistered from HTW Berlin. 

This means that, ConREM students who are starting their studies in Finland are also required to pay the semester fee for each semester spent there and have to re-register (i.a. registration for the next semester) as usual for each upcoming semester. By paying the full amount of the semester fee (around 300€) before the start of every semester to HTW Berlin’s bank account, students automatically re-register for the next semester. 

Each payment of the semester fee must be made to the HTW Berlin`s account and due to a given deadline. The transfer of the semester fee can be also made from a bank account, that does not belong to the student, but at every case the ID number of the student must be indicated in the ``Payment reference`` section without the "s0" digit.

Paying the semester fee (registration) to the HTW Berlin must occur till a respective deadline. If you pass this deadline, you will have to pay an extra late fee for the HTW Berlin bank account (around 20€) next to the must-be-paid semester fee (around 300€).

Registration at the Metropolia UAS

Metropolia UAS Degree students (ConREM Double Degree students) must remain registered during their whole ConREM studies at the Metropolia UAS as well. It means that, Double Degree students have to also enroll themselves at the Metropolia UAS in their 3. and 4. semesters, even thought they are in Berlin at that time. Originally this enrolment process is free-of-charge, but the Metropolia UAS will charge you with extra 50€, if you miss this enrolment process.

In addition, if it takes more time than expected to complete the ConREM programme, ConREM students must continue to pay the semester fee for the HTW Berlin for each extra semester. Nevertheless, at this case the Metropolia UAS will also charge ConREM Double Degree students separately, with an extra 50€ for each semester for extensioning their studies.

Semester ticket and reimbursement

The must-be-paid semester fee contains the fee for the Berlin semester ticket (around 200 euros) as well. The Berlin semester ticket is the ticket to use the public transportation in Berlin. Therefore, students during their first and second semesters in Finland, are entitled for the reimbursement of the Berlin semester ticket price (around 200 euros). In order to get back the price for the Berlin semester ticket, the following document must be filled out and signed. The original document then must be sent by post to the address of the Student Service Centre.

During the students’ study time in Germany, the fee for the Berlin semester ticket shall not be reimbursed, as it allows student to use the public transportation. The paid price for the semester ticket will be integrated into the StudentCardand can be used for public transport in Berlin zone ABC.

Living expenses

In addition to the semester fee, students are required to individually cover up their daily expenses during their stay in Helsinki as well as in Berlin.