Health insurance

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Health insurance during study time in Helsinki

Just like in Germany, the health care system in Finland is divided into public and private health care.

If you come from a non-EU/EEA country, you need to have a valid private health insurance. You are entitled to only very urgent emergency medical treatment provided by the Finnish public healthcare system. The degree of urgency will be determined by the doctor treating you. You will then have to pay the actual costs for the treatment. For further information about health insurance in Finland, please refer to the Metropolia UAS , Finnish Immigration service  and Kela websites.

If you come from an EU/EEA country or from Switzerland, you are entitled to any necessary medical treatment. Please remember to take your EHIC card (European Health Insurance card) with you to Finland.

Health insurance during study time in Berlin

All students have to provide proof of health insurance before official enrolment. Many previous ConREM students have opted for private health insurance. In this case, a letter of exemption from a statutory health insurance provider must be submitted to us. German statutory health insurance providers can only issue an exemption certificate if the nature and coverage of the private health insurance corresponds with a statutory health insurance policy and has no ‘limitations’. As some of the insurance companies used by previous ConREM students did not fulfil the criteria, particular attention is paid to this issue. HTW Berlin has worked together closely with the statutory health insurance provider TK (Techniker Krankenkasse) for several years now and has established a good cooperation partnership.

Private health insurance in Germany

If you decide to take out private health insurance in Germany, you need to apply for an exemption certificate by sending an email to After the TK has checked that your chosen private health insurance policy is equivalent to a statutory health insurance policy, the exemption certificate will be automatically sent by the TK (Techniker Krankenkasse) to HTW Berlin. 

Note: The exemption certificate applies for the entire duration of the insurance policy. Once you have signed up for private health insurance, it is not possible to switch back to statutory health insurance during your studies. Contact details of statutory health insurance providers will be sent to students with their letter of admission.