Final examination

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Master's thesis

For permission to write your Master’s thesis, submit an Application for Admission to the Master Thesis [PDF] to Anja Harms of the Examinations Office. The following deadlines apply:

  • Registration at the latest during the teaching period of the 2nd semester by 1st of February
  • Permission during the 2nd semester by 1st of April
  • Master's thesis is completed over a period of three semesters

Before starting the thesis, you must send the following documents to Frank Stoll of the faculty administration:

You will then receive official confirmation from the faculty administration stating the submission deadline and supervisors for your thesis. Submit your Master’s thesis

  • in electronic form (on CD added to bound form)
  • in printed, bound form in triplicate (two copies for the examiners and one copy for the library of HTW Berlin) to the faculty administration at HTW Berlin
  • as uploaded PDF on Theseus database after your thesis has been approved

Guidelines for written Master`s thesis

Your Master`s thesis should be submitted in a profound way conforming with requirements of scientific research work. In this context, your Master`s thesis has to be structured logically regarding its content. Besides, it is essential that the written research work is consistent in terms of formatting and that all applied sources are cited in a correct scientific way. Helpful information regarding those aspects can be found in the 

Final oral examination

For permission to take the final oral examination, you must

  • have completed your Master’s thesis and
  • obtained 90 credit points (programme variant I) or 30 credit points (programme variant II/III). In total you require 298 credit points from your first degree and ConREM.

After submission and approval of the thesis, the location and date for the final oral examination will be agreed upon with the supervisors and have to be approved officially by the faculty administration. 

At least one of the supervisors must hold a full-time academic position at either HTW Berlin or Helsinki Metropolia. In the event that the final oral examination of the Master’s thesis is to take place at HTW Berlin, then at least one supervisor must hold a full-time academic position at HTW Berlin and the other should come from Germany or Finland. Should the final oral examination of the Master’s thesis be conducted at Helsinki Metropolia, at least one supervisor must hold a full-time academic position at Helsinki Metropolia; the other is to come from Finland or Germany.

The final oral examination takes 60 minutes and consists of two parts:

  • In the first part you present the research findings from your Master’s thesis (approx. 15-20 min).
  • In the second part you answer questions about your Master’s thesis and the content of the study programme.

In the final oral examination you will demonstrate that you are able to

  • apply the knowledge and methods that you have learned during the study programme
  • freely present a complex problem with a time limit
  • scientifically discuss the subject of the Master’s thesis