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Which university do I pay the semester fee to?

The semester fee is always paid to HTW Berlin — regardless whether you are currently studying in Helsinki or Berlin. This sum covers

  • the membership fees for the AstA Student Union,
  • a semester ticket fee for public transport in Berlin,
  • and fees for the Studentenwerk Berlin.

During study time in Finland, additional tuition fee has to be paid by those students considered as Metropolia UAS students. 

How can I apply for a refund of the Berlin semester ticket?

ConREM students can apply for a refund of the amount payable for the semester ticket. After paying the full semester fee  in order to be officially (re-)enrolled for the coming semester, you can apply for a refund of the semester ticket fee in order directly at the semester ticket office. The refund is provided upon surrender of your semester ticket. This procedure is valid for one semester only as the electronic system cannot save this data for several semesters in a row. This means that you have to re-do the whole procedure for every subsequent semester of studying in Finland. To sum up: Even if you are in Finland, you always have to pay the full semester fee to re-register for the upcoming semester, since your study semester abroad is an obligatory and integral part of your studies at HTW Berlin.

How do I register for my Master’s thesis?

Firstly, you must still be enrolled on the ConREM programme at HTW Berlin. The annual deadline for registering for your Master’s thesis at the latest by the end of the teaching period of the first semester. Your application for admission to write the Master’s thesis [PDF] can be handed in, sent by post or via email attachment to Anja Harms in the Examinations Office. A signature is required from the chairperson of the study programme examination board on your registration form to confirm your chosen Master’s thesis topic. The chairperson will determine the start date and submission date, your thesis supervisors and the location of the Master’s oral examination (Helsinki or Berlin). The Master’s thesis cannot be completed as a group submission. You will receive notification from Frank Stoll that you have been granted admission to start writing your Master’s thesis. You must submit four bound copies and a digital version of your Master’s thesis.

Can I write my Master’s thesis with a company?

Yes, we actually recommend doing so. Your supervisor at the company will take the place of the second supervisor and has to sign the necessary documents accordingly.

What happens if I am ill during my Master’s thesis?

If a student has to take sick leave during the Master’s thesis, a medical certificate together with an official stamp is needed immediately. The certificate must state how long the student will be unable to work on the Master's thesis.

How long do I have to wait for the result of my thesis?

After you have handed in your thesis, your thesis should be graded within 8 weeks by your supervisors.

When will the oral examination take place?

If you successfully passed your Master's thesis, the final oral examination will be conducted within three months of the submission of your Master’s thesis. The day you pass the oral examination will be the day you will be de-registered as a student.

What will happen in my Master’s oral examination?

Admittance to the Master’s oral examination — the presentation of your Master’s thesis — will be granted upon successful completion of the Master’s thesis and 90 ECTS credits of the ConREM programme. The Master’s oral examination is performed in front of an examination board. Members of the examination board are the supervisors of the Master’s thesis. The Master’s oral examination is based on the content of your Master’s thesis and places this within the context of the ConREM programme. In this oral examination you should be able to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the subject area covered by your Master’s thesis. In discussions with members of the examination board, you should show that you are able to present conclusions and results for complex issues in a limited time. You will defend your argumentation against critical scrutiny and answer questions relating to your programme of study within the field of ConREM. The presentation will not exceed 60 minutes.

What has to be considered for the Master’s thesis and final oral examination?

Useful information about the thesis and final oral examination.

Choice of supervisors for the Master’s thesis: Theoretically students are free to choose their supervisors, subject to whether the topic fits with the professor’s / tutor’s field of study and workload. Contact them well in advance to discuss the thesis topic!

Length: The length of the thesis is 100 pages +/-10%. In individual cases it may differ because it is the content and not the number of pages which will be evaluated.

Date of the final oral examination: The date of the final oral examination will be set individually by the supervisors after the Master’s thesis is handed in.

When will I receive my certificates?

After your oral examination, you will be informed of your result and final grades by the examination board. Your final grades will then be sent to the Examinations Office in order to process the information and print your final documents. The president of HTW Berlin, the head of examination board and the dean of the faculty will sign your final documents and this can take 6 to 8 weeks. Once all signatures and seals have been obtained, you will receive an email to your HTW Berlin email address informing you that your final certificates are ready for collection. You have the choice of picking up your final certificates in person from the Examinations Office on the Treskowallee campus, authorising somebody to pick up your certificates by issuing a declaration of authorisation to the Examinations Office or receiving your final certificates via registered mail with return receipt to your home address subject to payment of the delivery fee. If you have further questions regarding internship issues, please contact Yvonne Küssner or Gernot Welschhoff for visa-related questions.

Who issues my Master’s degree certificate?

The certificate will be issued by HTW Berlin. The certificate will state the title of the study programme and indicate that ConREM is conducted in co-operation with Helsinki Metropolia. If you can provide proof of more than three years of professional experience, you will be awarded a German-Finnish degree title. If you have less professional experience than this, you will only be awarded a degree title from HTW Berlin.

Is it mandatory to study two semesters in Helsinki and two in Berlin?

Studying ConREM includes two semesters studying in Helsinki and two in Berlin. This is mandatory as each module is provided at only one of the two universities and is consequently depended on the study location.