Preparing the stay in Helsinki

As a first step, beside the current pages, you should also visit the Metropolia UAS site considering the further steps. All in all, as a start, freshly accepted ConREM students already in their home country must apply for residence permit firstly to Finland, unless they are not possessing an EU citizenship.

Finnish entry regulations /residence permit

Please ensure that you make early inquiries about the applicable entry regulations. Please note! Non EU-students need for Finland a Finnish visa/residence permit and for the semesters in Germany a German residence permit! For information regarding visa and residence permit requirements please contact your embassy. Universities do not offer visa support.

For the time in Finland non-Europeans must apply for a Finnish residence permit as soon as they have received their official acceptance letter from HTW and before entering Finland. Please consider that it can take up to 6 months to process your residence permit. Please ensure that the maximum period of validity is requested. Check the Finnish application form to obtain the Finnish residence permit. 

When you check the visa regulation of both countries please be aware of the fact that you have to proof sufficient means for Finland.


Fees, funding and accommodation