Start of studies

Studying in the ConREM programme includes two semesters studying in Helsinki (1. and 2. semester) and two in Berlin (3. and 4. semester). This is mandatory as each module is provided at only one of the two universities and is consequently depended on the study location. Once you have received the initial acceptance letter from the HTW Berlin, you will have plenty of things to prepare for your ConREM studies. As a start, you should accept your study place and commence the enrolment process

Freshly accepted ConREM students should primarily focus on preparing their stay in Helsinki, as the ConREM studies starts in Finland for the 1. and 2. semester. The start of the ConREM studies in the 1. semester is at the beginning of September at the Metropolia UAS. For the exact starting date, please note your welcoming letter from the Metropolia UAS. As a first step, please visit the 'Preparing the stay in Helsinki' section. 

After arriving and settling down in Helsinki, ConREM students should start to organize their stay in Berlin, as the ConREM studies continues in Germany for the 3. and 4. semester. The continuation of the ConREM studies in the 3. semester is at the beginning of October at the HTW Berlin. For this matter, please visit the 'Preparing the stay in Berlin' section.

All in all, on the following pages you will find detailed information about:

  • Residence permit in Finland and in Germany,
  • Health insurance in Finland and in Germany,
  • Accommodations in Helsinki and in Berlin,
  • Finances in Helsinki and in Berlin, 
  • ConREM student life at the Metropolia UAS as well as at the HTW Berlin.

Questions about the start of studies

If you have further questions, please see: 

Please note, Metropolia UAS has no role in the processes of admission/accepting the study place/enrolment. These administrative procedures run at the HTW Berlin, even though the ConREM studies start in Helsinki.