Application procedure

Table of contents

Admission requirements

For the ConREM programme the following admission requirements apply:

  • A first academic degree in architecture or civil engineering with at least 180 credit points.
  • An excellent command of the English language (C1 level - CEFR)
  • Employment certificate
    By proving more than two years of professional experience after finishing the first academic degree, successfully admitted students can obtain a German-Finnish joint degree from HTW Berlin and Metropolia UAS. If the student has less than two years of professional experience, the student will be awarded a German Master´s degree title from the HTW Berlin.
  • Exposition

Online application - Application deadline

The ConREM programme starts in every winter semester at the beginning of September in Helsinki. The application for the ConREM program only can be made through the dedicated online systems between the below indicated application periods:

  • if you are a non-EU/EEA applicant and your first academic degree was not obtained in Germany, please use the uni-assist system. The application period at this case takes place  between 1. October and 15. December. For further information, please visit the official HTW Berlin Website, "Applying with foreign certificates" section .
  • if you are an EU/EEA applicant or your first academic degree was obtained in Germany, please use the Online Application System of HTW Berlin. The application period at this case starts on the 15. November but also ends on the 15. December. To change the HTW Berlin Online Application System to the English menu, please choose the English flag symbol instead of the German one on the right bottom side of the webpage. For further information, please visit the official HTW Berlin Website, "Applying with German certificates" section .

Please, prepare the electronic version of the required documents in a .pdf form (no .doc or .docx) and name them according to its content (e.g. Degree certification, exposition). Please note that, emails with application documents as well as incomplete applications cannot be considered.

Document evaluation

After you handed-in your online application, the document evaluation period will take place within the dedicated online application systems.

  • if you are a non-EU/EEA applicant (used the uni-assist system), the uni-assist will evaluate, if the handed-in required documents are complete, authentic and meeting with the admission requirements. (Please note that, in the uni-assist system the 'criteria set by the university' is equivalent with the hereby called admission requirements.) They will inform you about the result of this evaluation in writing by e-mail and by post. If the result of the evaluation is positive, uni-assist will forward your application to the HTW Berlin. In this case, you will also receive a user-name and a password for the online application system for the HTW Berlin, as the HTW Berlin itself is responsible for informing on admission.
  • if you are an EU/EEA applicant (used the HTW Berlin application system), the process of document evaluation is made within the HTW online system itself. Within the HTW online application system, you can also track the current status of your application.

Selection procedure - Notice of admission or refusal

Applicants who has submitted their application documents in-time as well as meeting with the entry requirements (i.e. positive document evaluation), will go through a selection procedure to be admitted in the study programme. Admission to the ConREM programme is based on the following criteria:

  • Grade point average of the first higher education degree (60%)
  • Professional experience (30%)
  • Exposition (10%)

For further information about the selection procedure, please see the Eligibility and Admission Regulations of the ConREM programme.

The result of the selection procedure (e.g. admission or refusal to the ConREM programme) will be published at every case within the Online Application System of HTW Berlin. The result of the selection procedure will be available in February, in the form of receiving a letter of acceptance/refusal (in a .pdf form) on the HTW Berlin online application portal.

For further information about the notice of admission or refusal, please visit the official HTW Berlin Website, 'Admission or refusal' section. If you have received a letter of acceptance (notice of admission), you can start to prepare yourself for the beginning of your ConREM studies.

Questions about the application procedure

If you have further questions, please see: 

If you still have specific questions about the application procedure, please contact the Student Service Centre of the HTW Berlin (Ms. Julia Cadete La O).

Please note that, generally professors and the faculty administration do not have additional information about the application procedure. Furthermore Metropolia UAS has no role in admission/enrolment process, even though the studies start in Helsinki.